Like a rock

She stands steady in the face

Of adversity

A mountain and pillar of strength.

She catches her breath

High above the clouds, with little air

Just enough to inhale peace

And exhale love.

Her prayer has been heard from up above.



She carries a locket around her neck

Gold chain, rusted and a little bent

It opens up to a man she’ll never forget

Near her heart, she has no regret.

Delicate girl with the stem of a rose

She embraces the thorns with the perfume nose

There is good and evil, so the story goes

In her heart house are secrets that nobody knows.

Guided by light and the love in her eyes

She unhooks the locket to his great surprise

Her heart house is roomy with benevolent skies

For now, though, she doesn’t have space for his lies.

Instead she replaces the photograph

With a warm, sunny dawn that once made her laugh

Spirits swirl around her, releasing her trap

Ensnared for so long — The locket’s her map.

Her heart has a home

Her soul, free to roam

Into the knowing unknown —

She’s grown.



Within her is a power great

To love herself, no longer hate

She needs herself for strength and grace

And finds a bond that cannot break.

This bond is with her inner core

Her life is like a music score

Love will be a sounding roar

Faith allows her soul to soar.

She used to search outside herself

The men would put her on a shelf

Cunning, sly and often stealth

They stole her heart but took her wealth.

Her wealth is not of dollar measure

The beauty and kindness are her treasure

She confused all the pain with pleasure

She bent so far — weak as a feather.

Now the relationship is one

Her mind, body and spirit have won

She lifts her heart, now she’s done

Within herself, she’s her own sun.


she has

more fun.