As the flood gates open, my heart pours out, but I no longer speak.

Pour the pink heart sap into a saucer

Drink it slowly, cherish the taste

My naive ways no longer guide me with grace

Such a waste.

Flood gates open and my eyes light up

Like gazing into a crystal ball seeking an answer

You won’t find solutions in your bed next to her

Blood curdles — anger.

Suck out the poison from the forbidden fruit

Venomous snakes won’t hurt you

She will, as emotions surface through

So true.

But your truth never was, it washed away with the floods

Disintegrating with the current

Where does it lead me, undertow-deterrent

Forever abhorrent?

Let the gate break free and swing wide

Covers on beds cradle toxic heads

It’s far fetched, the zenith to zed

Over — nothing left can be said.





Some days, no matter how much I build myself up in preparation for the day ahead of me, I want to cry out for help. The thought and idea of giving up is alluring. I wish I could put my fear into an empty bottle and ship it off like an SOS note, only to be found by some savior who can mend my bent and damaged self.

The cry for help is not necessarily a submission to being weak, though. A reaching of the hand in times of need is a sign that you are STRONG. It’s okay to feel weak and strong at the same time. Human nature is more about the gray areas than the black and white, all or nothing. I am working on being SOS.TRONG. There is beauty in the shades of gray.

Letting others in is SOS.TRONG.

It takes some serious guts and strength of will to recognize you need a helping hand. It’s even grander when you accept help offered. No man/woman is an island. We are all set on this Earth to support one another on our individual journeys. Without the caring we show one another, we would not be the evolutionary and progressive race we continue to become.

If you are in need, let others in and accept the help given. Speaking from personal experience, it can be a very lonely thing to avoid the gift of friendship and support from others who have the ability to give it. Kindness and compassion are an integral part of human nature and we need social connection just as we need basic living necessities. Reach out and ask for help, and be willing to accept if it is offered. I am blessed to be alive and given hand after hand of support to continue thriving.

It is SOS.TRONG to give back.

More for feeling well, give back when you have the strength to return the wealth of kindness you have been shown by others. The gifts you can pay forward are among the most rewarding. Bringing myself back down to Earth and grounding my roots in my surrounding, getting my footing, and returning the favor to those who need my help is an important part of my mental health recovery. Those moments are mutually beneficial because I remember what it is like to feel so low. And I can be a guiding light to others who need help navigating the darkness. Give back whenever you are ready to reciprocate the kindness you have been shown, and your support will have a twofold positive effect.

Lastly, being SOS.TRONG is a process.

Here comes that all or nothing part again! It is not cut and dry. Over time, it takes many pitfalls, many mistakes, and many lessons learned to build up strength. In fact, I bet it takes an entire lifetime to feel like you have mustered up your full potential. Where I am going with this, is that cherishing your weakness and strength is something that may take your whole life. Reaching out to others, and accepting the gift of kindness is not something that happens once in a lifetime, and then is gone. Human care and concern builds strength over time and matures with nurturing.

I hope that I never stop learning my lessons, my weaknesses, and my strengths. And I hope the same for you, too!

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. — Eleanor Roosevelt


Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels