Make me a soldier

Cut me down and build me

Rape me and pilage me

Shock you with my dignity.

Hold me against a wall

Crush me with your logic

A viewpoint so toxic

A hand that chokes: you’re not sick.

No, you’re not sick

You’re like me

You just lack


Carry your cross above your head

They want me dead,

If I won’t get in bed

And empty all my empathy.

No more to give

A life of pain,

Without suffering

Is worth the acceptance.

Benign tumors inside my tummy

I find your sadistic sadness funny

Be careful what you take from me

It’s not the last you’ll hear from me.

Dig in — my truth’s your destiny.




Another night of casual

Debauchery with empty bottles

An urn to hold the ashes

After setting the night

On fire.

Her hair, a mess

Tangled in knots

A twisted bow

Is all she has —

Memento of the night.

She’s just a girl

In her mind, no where to go

Grownups dangle gold and wine

Scooping up what’s left

Confetti for the party girl.

By morning there’s a hush

Wide awake, bow unfolded

Crowds are gone

No longer a youth

An adult facing truth.





Let it go, all those demons who love you so

Accept your fate the way a dog accepts the heat

Run from it as fast as you can go

Tour the countrysides of your mind — soon you’ll know.

Hear my heartbeat?

The tic-tic sound my pulse makes?

It is quiet among trees

Who share each other’s out-breaths.

Dawn rises for us

We awake to the sound of musical chirping

Bringing in the day

All for one more sip of your smile.


woman looking at sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com