Be gentle with me — careful now. My mind is fragile; I’m weak, somehow.

I’m not myself

Whatever that means

I slur my words

Be gentle with me.

Your careless ways

Stutter my speech

Careful, now

Be gentle with me.

Alone, again

As night falls fast

How long will this

Cold deathwish last?

I’m shaking here

Frost nipping toes

You warm me up —

Places no one goes.

So shut the door

Swing the blinds

Be gentle with me

And my fragile mind.




My butterfly effect — take me where I need to be.

Fold my body into a paper heart

Reflect my outside from my insides

Open me like a paper toy

Tell me what you see.

Foxes chase the forest fowl

Sly and cunning with the kill

You snip my scarlet sleeve with ease

Swallow me whole.

Close the chest at the foot of my bed

Lock it with a red key

Tired of your gruesome game

I let sleep carry me.

Take me into the darkest night

Where bats collect the bugs

A cave painted black by dusk

Shrouded like a cape.

Day breaks and I pull my body

Apart from slumber’s jacket

Metamorphosis brings new life

My butterfly effect.



As night approaches, you hold me beneath the meadowland stars. Easy goes the night.

Create a path

In the chaotic mess of wild cattails

Forge through the wetlands —

Easy goes.

Mark the tree bark

With a piece of you

Take it back

When the journey ends.

Softly whisper

My name as I reach you

Embrace me with your

Graceful limbs.

Go easy on me now

As I fall asleep

In your arms

Under the meadow stars.