Finally, I have come to know what a wild horse feels as she is set free.

Overly cautious, I used to be the one

Who stayed inside her head, never speaking up

Or speaking out

For what I strongly believed in.

Then you opened the door, I crawled through it

Held back for so long by the leash, I was foolish

Finally I let you

Show me the way.

My eyes and heart swing wide around, an orbiting

Soul-star, helium carrying me higher

And higher

I’m lit by your fire.

Undone ribbons are all that is left of the past life

I lived, tied up before but I still forgive

You of the damage done

Now he carries my Sun.




I don’t want him — I want her.
And nothing else matters.

Closely watching her movements

Rickashaying against the curtain are her shadows

Lamplight softening the harsh dark silhouette

Telling tales of her waking up in meadows.

For me, nothing else matters

Except the gleam of the light in her eyes

Showing how brightly her words swirl

Through inner workings of her mind.

I changed my mind

I don’t want him — I want her

Nothing else matters:

Cat caught ladybird.



She is rich with life and love, and a garden full of green and gold.

Look at the clovers, greens and browns

Full of life, rooted to the ground

In my own garden, I make no sound

But a waterfall flows, carrying away my crown.

I’m a fallen king, a destitute queen

Washed away are the waters of my dream

A clovers’ own pauper, pockets clean

Of nothing but a labrinth, so green.

Shamrocks lift the spirit, high

Luck, it seems, is on my side

My soul is rare, and by the by

Her four leaf clover, so soon arrived.

Rich with dirt, blessed with health

Her magic puts gold on her shelf

Trees and plants and forest wealth

Never wanting, her cards are dealt.

His moss green eyes match hers, so grey

Jesters dance, below the bay

A celebratory toast, today

Takes every doubt and sadness ‘way.

Plant the clovers’ own, with care

She, so seemingly unaware

Has found her crown, placed upon her hair

Her king beside her, green diamonds shared.