With all her heart she prays

Filling cups with tears

Writing letters unknown

Spilling heartache on the pages

Of crystal white paper trees.

God listens carefully

Extracting knowledge and notes

Good intentions and quotes

Benign and malicious tones

Pondering: what to do next?

She saves her last breath

For a sigh set free

The weight of worlds shouldered

Teetering with a small breeze

And like that, the angels fall on their knees.

The dream of a good life

Is all to real

Because we heed the appeal

To take care of each other

And heal.



Over trees and hills so lush

Her horizon kisses, with gentle touch

A sun that sets on past setbacks

And stars that guide her future track.

She never knew a love so pure

For herself, forevermore

Now she sets a focus clear

On brilliant places, far and near.

She’ll take her newfound promises —

And passionately notices

The strength within her, all along

Her horizon sets, self-love is strong.

Her heart sings

A brand new




For a change, I would like to write about several aspects of my life for which I am grateful. These are the people, places and things that bring me joy. I am not ashamed of who I am, what I value and what I want out of life. Let’s dive in.

My Family

The loves of my life. The people I admire. The champions in my absence. The unconditional supports. I am so grateful for my family.

My Friends

Through thick and thin. Through good times and bad times. Through the roller coasters of life — the happy ones and the scary ones. Through bonds unbreakable. I am so grateful for my friends.

My Special Someone

You know who you are. I am so grateful for you babe.

My Travel

In high times and low times. In cultural differences and in translated commonalities. I am so grateful for the places I have traveled.

My Dog

The peanut butter to my jelly. The sand to my shore. The fluff monster to my muppet self. I am so grateful for my dog.

My Life

Hey, baby; we made it this far. I am so grateful for my life. I have no regrets and I am proud of my accomplishments, my character, my past, present and future.

For a change, I hope this grateful list is a testament to what I truly value in myself. I challenge you to try it out. You may be humbled and surprised by all the great reasons you have to feel thankful in this world. What are you grateful for?