She is rich with life and love, and a garden full of green and gold.

Look at the clovers, greens and browns

Full of life, rooted to the ground

In my own garden, I make no sound

But a waterfall flows, carrying away my crown.

I’m a fallen king, a destitute queen

Washed away are the waters of my dream

A clovers’ own pauper, pockets clean

Of nothing but a labrinth, so green.

Shamrocks lift the spirit, high

Luck, it seems, is on my side

My soul is rare, and by the by

Her four leaf clover, so soon arrived.

Rich with dirt, blessed with health

Her magic puts gold on her shelf

Trees and plants and forest wealth

Never wanting, her cards are dealt.

His moss green eyes match hers, so grey

Jesters dance, below the bay

A celebratory toast, today

Takes every doubt and sadness ‘way.

Plant the clovers’ own, with care

She, so seemingly unaware

Has found her crown, placed upon her hair

Her king beside her, green diamonds shared.



As the flood gates open, my heart pours out, but I no longer speak.

Pour the pink heart sap into a saucer

Drink it slowly, cherish the taste

My naive ways no longer guide me with grace

Such a waste.

Flood gates open and my eyes light up

Like gazing into a crystal ball seeking an answer

You won’t find solutions in your bed next to her

Blood curdles — anger.

Suck out the poison from the forbidden fruit

Venomous snakes won’t hurt you

She will, as emotions surface through

So true.

But your truth never was, it washed away with the floods

Disintegrating with the current

Where does it lead me, undertow-deterrent

Forever abhorrent?

Let the gate break free and swing wide

Covers on beds cradle toxic heads

It’s far fetched, the zenith to zed

Over — nothing left can be said.




As night approaches, you hold me beneath the meadowland stars. Easy goes the night.

Create a path

In the chaotic mess of wild cattails

Forge through the wetlands —

Easy goes.

Mark the tree bark

With a piece of you

Take it back

When the journey ends.

Softly whisper

My name as I reach you

Embrace me with your

Graceful limbs.

Go easy on me now

As I fall asleep

In your arms

Under the meadow stars.