Hopefully, love will prevail

And the rest will be history.

Mysterious as it may be

Evil will set sail.

Returning the balance

Curtailing what’s wrong

And good hearts will sing their choir song.



She’s an air sign, an air element of the priceless kind

She breathes life into your lungs, your veins won’t be the same

Without her love drug.

Over the moon and back, she gives you a happy heart attack

Smacks you with hope and faith, you won’t know what hit you

When she leaves you, wanting more.

Angels sing her to sleep, counting puffy little sheep

Dizzy dancer and romancer, all your dreams come true

Sleeping next to this kitten.

Meow, you want more of her, never tired or bored of her

Sunshine clears all your rainy days, history has it that her love never fades

Cherry cheerleader has your back.

Drift through time and count the years, she has you cured of all your fears

Hold her in the palm of your hand, like a powerful crystal cascading down

Energy and vitality.

She awakens your new reality.



Everyone has a hard time of it sometimes. You don’t need to have mental illness to prove that to me. It takes empathy to recognize that true fact — we all have our struggles. I’ve been going through a rough patch these past few weeks, and my challenge to myself, should I dare accept, is to let go of the things that hurt me and focus on the positive qualities that make me who I truly am. Be DARING.DARLINGS and join me in a positive affirmation challenge: Follow the prompts and repeat your prose in the mirror every morning for a week (I promise I will do mine and follow up!!) and see if your self-talk becomes more gentle and less judgmental (I bet it does!).

DARING.DARLING what’s your favorite personality trait you’ve had since childhood?

Recall the things you loved about yourself as a child. Do you still have some of those traits? If yes, really embrace the one you loved about yourself the most. And repeat the affirmation in the mirror each morning to bring back those happy memories and appreciation for yourself. Bring that childlike wonder back into your life. For me, I really liked my inquisitive personality as a kid, and still hold that near and dear to my heart. My challenge will be the affirmation: “I love having grown up with my inquisitive personality.”

DARING.DARLING what’s the personality trait you possess that you’re most grateful for?

Think of the quality you possess that really works in your favor. It could be brains in school, brawn in sports, or even sympathy towards friends. The trait I am most grateful for is my empathetic nature. It works in my favor by providing me with understanding of what others around me are feeling and allows me to sympathize with them, feel joy, fear, or sorrow along with them. It is a gift, and I will use the affirmation in this challenge: “I am grateful for my empathetic quality towards others.”

DARING.DARLING what is your best and most unique personality trait?

Here’s where it may get difficult — but I double dog dare you to continue the challenge. The quality I want you to use in your affirmation is the one that sets you apart from everyone. The thing that makes you uniquely you. It may not even be something you originally thought of as positive. The challenge is to take that thing that makes you different and wonderful and sets you apart. For this challenge, I am choosing my tenacity. It stands out because it is the main reason I have kept going in spite of setbacks. My affirmation in this challenge is: “My best and most unique quality is my tenacity that gives me the motivation to keep improving myself.”

You made it through the challenge, DARING.DARLINGS!

Repeat your tailored affirmations every morning for one week. And see how positive psychology can enrich your life. Appreciate yourselves, and flourish!

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. — Steve Martin

close up photography of human face
Photo by Gabriela Mendes on Pexels.com