I hope you let me be your light this time — I promise only once.

Only once, I want to lift your spirits

Bring you back to life with the setting sun

He sleeps, but as night falls, she is awaken

The moon dances light on your face, only once.

Only once, take my hand and let me carry you

I am not weak, but a resilient force to take you back —

To a time when you felt safe and sound

And I will travel time for you, only once.

Only once, do I dare touch your hair

Push it back on your face and wipe your tears

There is no room for fear here

You will love me this time, even if it’s only once.




Out of her mouth she whispers words only for her to hear.

She whispers, soft at first

As the night chill enters her room

She grows louder

A semi-silent flight.

Sailing through time, bottled up

No longer able to hold back

It is her captivating smile

Bringing her might.

Never again will she be tied down

Drowning in gold and silver

Liquid to the touch

But so solid she can’t escape.

Her mind is her fortress

Asking for help from mothers before her

Carrying herself to freedom

Her life is her own to create.



My new self sings to my old self and my spirit lifts with me.

Her voice lifts

The sound of her singing echos

She stands tall

And carries herself through the pain.

Over time

She forgets her troubles

And realizes

She is sane.

It may be small

A fleeting moment

But with me

I have my old self.

And her voice carries out the tune

Of old and new memories

She is not forgotten

She is with me —

I am my own muse.