I hope you let me be your light this time — I promise only once.

Only once, I want to lift your spirits

Bring you back to life with the setting sun

He sleeps, but as night falls, she is awaken

The moon dances light on your face, only once.

Only once, take my hand and let me carry you

I am not weak, but a resilient force to take you back —

To a time when you felt safe and sound

And I will travel time for you, only once.

Only once, do I dare touch your hair

Push it back on your face and wipe your tears

There is no room for fear here

You will love me this time, even if it’s only once.



Author: Joanna Fanuko

"Hold on to the present; let go of the past; reach your hand out to the future." Join me on my journey through mental health and wellness. features my original poetry and deep thoughts. Thanks for following and reading!

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