This generation has to deal with a constant bombardment of upsetting news headlines from around the world, required connectedness to work 24/7, smartphones and social media becoming an extra appendage (God forbid I turn off my phone!). As you can see, there is a lot of stress and pressure placed on the human race these days.

So, I ask you this: How do you practice SELF.CARE?

What is SELF.CARE?

SELF.CARE is practicing compassion towards yourself. It is making sure you eat a healthy lunch at work. It is running a bubble bath at the end of a long day. It is going for a run with the dog when you need some fresh air. It is making sure you put on your oxygen mask before you place it on another. It is not being selfish. It is taking care of YOU. You are the only person you unendingly have in this world. Meditate on that. What good would you be to helping others, friends, and family, if you do not take care of yourself, first?

My SELF.CARE habits.

Personally, I follow some basic SELF.CARE habits on a daily and weekly basis to make sure that I make time for number one: Me.

My daily SELF.CARE habits include:

  • Take baths with LUSH products. The hot temperature and the aromatherapy, bubbles, and water colors provide me with a soothing and relaxing escape. I light a candle, and often play music on my speaker to heal all of my senses. I make a point of doing this at least one night a week. I spend at least a half hour in the hot tub and then treat myself to a soothing lotion that helps me drift to sleep at the end of the night.
  • Meditate and listen to soft music in bed. Before falling asleep, I spend a few minutes meditating. Meditation at night, for me, means being nonjudgmental towards my thoughts and ruminations. It is focusing on my breath and detaching from the shackles of the daily worries and woes. It is scanning my body and relaxing each part from top to bottom, allowing any harbored anxiety and tension to melt away. And, once I feel settled in, I throw on a soft and soothing album to fall into a constructive sleep. I used to be a sufferer of insomnia. This calm habit has erased the insomnia, and kept my sleep steady for nearly six months now.
  • Eat healthful foods and exercise. This may seem more like a chore than a SELF.CARE habit to some, however I believe that eating well and taking the time to do a workout that I enjoy, such as yoga or running, really is SELF.CARE. It is treating my body kindly by nourishing it with tasty and healthy food-fuel. And it is releasing the toxins and regaining mental clarity by practicing yoga or running outdoors.

How can you practice SELF.CARE?

There are many ways, not just the habits I mentioned, to practice your own SELF.CARE habits. Start small and aim for some consistency. Spend five extra minutes in the shower lathering your hair — you deserve the quick scalp massage! Or treat yourself to an afternoon snack that provides you with the extra energy you need to get through the day — trail mix, anyone?

It all comes down to preserving your physical and mental well-being. It isn’t cool to burnout (get the irony??) anymore. Rest, nourishment, and self-compassion are much more valuable than losing sleep over burnout, and crashing later on from lack of consistently practicing healthy habits.

Try practicing SELF.CARE today. Your body and mind will thank you.

How you treat yourself is how you are inviting the world to treat you. — Unknown

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Joanna is an aligned vinyasa RYT-200 certified yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. Joanna's mission is to bring the teaching of yoga to everybody in an accessible, welcoming and gentle way. Check out for services, blogs and updates on all things yoga. Namaste.

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