I like to think that we all have a little crazy in us. It comes out in different forms for different people. Maybe you drive your car faaast to perk up your morning commute. Maybe it’s doing something spontaneous/fun with a significant other.

For others, it could be an uncontrolled impulse. An impulse may be serious for those of us with mental illness and addiction. It could lead to a drinking binge or even a psychotic break. We can ride the wave (D.B.T. what WHAT) and feel all the feels without acting on those impulses in an all-or-nothing way.

Crazy doesn’t have to be dangerous/nuts/psycho. It can be a non-judgmental stance on a sudden emotion. And it can be a push-pull towards the impulse to act on the emotion, without the consequence of a spastic outburst (and without having to stuff it deep down into our gut).

Besides that, CRAZY can be BEAUTIFUL. It can be a creative force driving ideas at your job. It can be a gorgeous new way of walking through life with confidence.

MENTAL.PUNKS: don’t be ashamed of your CRAZY.BEAUTY.

Embrace it.

Look out for my next blog on D.B.T. and how us CRAY.PUNKS can regulate our emotions and stay mindful. Ohmmm.

People are always selling the idea that people with mental illness are suffering. I think madness can be an escape. If things are not so good, you maybe want to imagine something better. — John Nash



Author: Joanna Fanuko

"Hold on to the present; let go of the past; reach your hand out to the future." Join me on my journey through mental health and wellness. features my original poetry and deep thoughts. Thanks for following and reading!

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